Voorschuimer EPS Seuropak

Step 1: Pre-foaming

The raw material expands up to 40 times its original size by adding steam.
This step in the production process determines the polystyrene's density.
The densities range from 13 kg/m³ to 40 kg/m³.
We can produce different colours, including white, brown, light grey and dark grey.
Silo's EPS Seuropak

Step 2: Intermediate storage in silos

The expanded polystyrene is transported from the foamers to various silos.
The raw material can rest in the silos before it is transported to the various machines in our two departments.
Vormgietafdeling EPS Seuropak

Step 3: Moulding department

The raw material is transported from the silos to the machines in the moulding departement.
EPS is injected into the various moulds. By adding steam, the product is given its final shape.
Once the products are taken out of the machine, they are ready to be packed and shipped to the customer.
Blokvorm EPS Seuropak

Step 4: Block form

Another part of the production is the cutting department.
The block form manufactures blocks with a length of 1200 mm, a width of 620 mm and a height of 4000 mm.
These blocks are manufactured in different densities.
Snijmachines EPS Seuropak

Step 5: Cutting machines

Using our cutting machines we anneal the large EPS blocks into any size the customer wants.
Our machines allow us to set the length, width and height.
We also have a contour machine to make more specific/refined products.
This includes heart shapes for Valentine's Day, a Christmas tree for Christmas, U-shaped profiles, L-shaped profiles and so on.

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