Expanded polystyrene

This polymer is an oil derivative and contains a liquid with a low boiling point: pentane.
When heated with steam, the polymer becomes soft.
The pentane expands and enlarges the grain up to 40 times their original size.
These grains are then injected into a mould and further steaming creates the desired model.
As it cools down, the product gets its final shape.

EPS is good for both thermal and acoustic insulation. 

It is available in various coulours including white, brown and various shades of grey.



  • It is CFC-free and does not degrade the ozone layer
  • It is 100 % recyclable
  • It has very good thermal insulation properties
  • It has a very hight impact strength
  • The price-quality ratio is very favourable
  • It is suitable for food packaging
  • It is light and strong
  • It does not affect the groundwater
  • It is not harmful for your health
  • It has only minimal moisture absorption
  • It has a huge range of applications
EPS Voordelen Recycling

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